Community Leaders, Equity Advocates Join Rideshare Drivers in Support of Ballot Question

Violence in Boston and the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce among a new wave of supporters for proposal that would give drivers flexibility and benefits

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BOSTON, MA – October 4, 2021 – The Massachusetts Coalition for Independent Work announced a diverse mix of seven new coalition members in support of a ballot question that would protect the independence of rideshare and delivery drivers while ensuring access to historic new benefits. New supporters of the ballot question include:

“As a former rideshare driver, I understand how people are using these opportunities to earn extra income whenever they can,” said Monica Cannon-Grant, founder of Violence in Boston. “Being able to create their schedules and work on their own terms is a massively beneficial economic opportunity. If we take that away from drivers, we’re making it harder for them to earn a living wage and setting those folks back even more.”

“Drivers support this ballot question by a margin of 7:1 because it’s what they have been asking for time and again,” said Anthony Fleurival, of the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce. “We have Chamber members who drive for these platforms who don’t want or need to be employees. They love the flexibility to earn extra money when it suits their schedules, and we want to help protect that option.” 

The proposed Massachusetts ballot question would grant historic new benefits for app-based rideshare and delivery drivers in the Commonwealth while allowing them to maintain their flexibility as independent contractors. It would establish a minimum earnings guarantee for workers; extend new benefits including healthcare stipends and occupational accident insurance; and protect drivers from discrimination all while securing workers’ rights to work when, where, how often and how long they want. The benefits in the proposed Massachusetts question also ensure that Massachusetts drivers would earn paid sick time and enroll them in the state’s Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML) program. 

The ballot measure is supported by a fast-growing coalition of drivers and allies in the Massachusetts Coalition for Independent Work.

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