85% of Massachusetts App-based Rideshare and Food Delivery Drivers Support Legislation that Protects Their Independent Contractor Status, and Includes New Benefits

BOSTON, MA – April 5, 2023 – Rideshare and delivery drivers are once again making clear they want to remain independent – this time in even larger numbers – with 85% saying they want to keep their flexibility while gaining new benefits according to a new survey by Beacon Research

The new data drops after numerous bills on driver classification were filed, some seeking to force drivers into becoming full-time employees while also requiring them to report to base-locations similar to taxis, and obtain special operating licenses in each community they serve.

The survey was conducted in March 2023 and included more than 400 driver responses. 

Survey findings showed that: 

  • 76% of drivers prefer to be independent contractors, a 5-point increase since February of 2022.
  • 85% of drivers support legislation protecting their right to remain independent contractors with a minimum earnings guarantee of $18 per hour, paid sick time and family leave, healthcare stipends, discrimination protections, and deactivation appeals.
  • 65% of drivers say classifying them as employees and only permitting them to drive with one app would be worse for them.
  • 79% of drivers say obtaining a special operating license in each municipality where they drive would be worse for them.
  • 72% of drivers say reporting to a designated base location would be worse for them.

“There are two bills at the State House that protect flexibility and give drivers access to new benefits,” said Conor Yunits,” spokesperson for the Massachusetts Coalition for Independent Work (MCIW), which commissioned the survey. “Three other bills filed simply don’t reflect the wants and needs of Massachusetts drivers. Drivers don’t want to become employees, report to designated ‘base locations’ or obtain special operating licenses in each municipality where they drive. Now is the time for legislators, drivers, labor leaders and industry to come together to respect drivers’ wishes and pass a bill that prioritizes flexibility and supports the livelihoods of tens of thousands of drivers.” 

The Massachusetts Coalition for Independent Work is working to ensure app-based rideshare and delivery drivers can continue to work whenever they want, wherever they want, as long as they want, and on as many platforms as they want, all while offering historic new company-paid benefits. Learn more at www.independentmass.org.


Conor Yunits