Massachusetts Rideshare & Delivery Drivers React to Certification of Ballot Question

BOSTON, MA – September 1, 2021 – Rideshare and delivery drivers across Massachusetts expressed excitement today after the Attorney General’s office certified a proposed ballot question that would protect their independence while extending historic new benefits. 

“I have tears in my eyes today,” said Pam Bennett of Springfield. “This is the only career option for me. Some days I can’t get out of bed because the pain from an old accident is intolerable: a 9-5 schedule simply doesn’t work for me. DoorDash has given me the freedom to drive when I can, for however long I’m able to. It is a lifeline and I am so grateful that this question is moving forward.” 

“This is huge. The flexibility of driving is not just a perk for me, it’s a necessity,” said Prossie Namanda of Boston. “Shopping for Instacart made it possible for me to bring in extra money during my pregnancy, and still earn when I can with a newborn at home. I am so glad we are moving forward and can’t wait to speak with voters.” 

“If we lose our independence it will be a nightmare,” said Naomi Birabwa of Framingham. “Being an independent contractor allows me to work outside of my regular 9-5 schedule and earn income to support my family in Uganda. This is the perfect work-life balance for me, and I am very happy that voters will get the chance to support us next year.” 

“I have been driving in different parts of the country before I moved to Massachusetts, entirely because the flexibility allows me to work WHERE I want,” said Travis Jones of East Longmeadow. “We need to prevent Massachusetts from becoming the only state to say we can’t work where we want. This is a major step forward today.” 

“As a single mom, holding on to the flexibility that Instacart offers me is everything,” said Habiba Kerris of Boston. “Being able to shop outside of my full-time job is perfect for my schedule and offers additional income and security when I need it to support my son. I look forward to seeing this initiative on the ballot next November and hope others will support it.”

“We believe that Massachusetts voters will support what drivers are asking for: to remain independent contractors, in control of our own schedules, while gaining new benefits,” said Brittney Woods of Boston. “That flexibility and control is why we drive.”

Recent polling shows that 83% of Massachusetts drivers prefer to remain independent contractors while receiving new benefits. By a margin of 7:1, rideshare & delivery drivers in Massachusetts support the proposed ballot question. 

Individual drivers can be made available for interviews. Please contact Conor Yunits at or (857) 276-8479 to schedule.