Western Mass News: App-based independent contractors seeking benefits through proposed ballot question

A ballot question would secure flexibility in scheduling, providing benefits and guaranteeing an earnings floor for all app-based drivers in Massachusetts.

Supporters said Tuesday that the ballot question would set a minimum earnings guarantee for workers, extend new benefits including health care stipends, paid sick time and paid family and medical leave and occupational accident insurance, and protect drivers from discrimination.

At the same time, the question would maintain the status of the workers as independent contractors instead of employee. Backers of the question say that will continue to give the workers the freedom to work when, where, how often and how long they want.

Supporters say the question would establish an earnings floor equal to 120% of the Massachusetts minimum wage for app-based ride-hailing and delivery drivers. Drivers would continue to keep 100% of their tips. They would also be guaranteed at least $0.26 per mile to cover vehicle upkeep and gas.

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